If It Doesn’t Affect Me, I Don’t Care

Now I realise this may upset a few people due to recent events, but compared to most I probably have more of a logical brain rather than an emotional one.

I used to worry unnecessarily about a lot of things that were out of my control.

I’ll give you an example, you know those adverts where they show starving or dying African children? The way they get your money is by using distressing or disturbing videos and pictures to make people sympathise with the children. However, for people like me, I don’t care.

I understand that it is a global problem and I’m not ignoring the fact that there are children and adults dying daily due to poverty. But if I gave money every time I saw those adverts I would be in poverty myself.

If it isn’t something I can personally control or prevent then why should I waste my time worrying?

Like the title states; if it doesn’t personally affect me then I don’t care.

Obviously, recently there was a bombing at Manchester that killed and injured several children and adults. Whilst it was upsetting to hear about it, I didn’t know anyone in the location and therefore it didn’t affect me.

Let’s look at it logically. Terrorists cause damage to places to cause fear in people. If we are constantly scared and in fear, after each one of these events, they’ve won, right?

A lot of people use events like these to gain popularity on social media. If you were to post something on any social media platform about an event such as this one when it is happening, you are guaranteed attention. Whilst most will hate me for not caring enough about disasters that are happening in the world, at least I am not using them as some sort of gain or profit.

Now, just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I wish for anything bad to happen to anyone. Whether it be domestic abuse, gun violence or a terrorist attack.

Another thing you have to bear in mind is when there are these mass killings some people post things such as “My thoughts are with the families who lost their loved ones” on social media. Firstly, as thoughtful as it is, it is going to do fuck all for the families who have actually lost loved ones. Secondly, about a thousand people die a day from various types of cancer, so why haven’t you put that status up for the cancer patients’ families?

In general, people tend to concern themselves with topics that excite them or are somewhat relevant. Perhaps if the Manchester bombing had happened in a country that wasn’t the UK or America, it may have got less publicity. The fact it was at a concert also increased its publicity as a lot of the teens or young adults may have been using any social media platform at the time of the bomb.

There have been many lives lost in the past that haven’t been recognised due to the fact it wasn’t as unpredictable as other events.

Why should one death be more significant than another?

Gracie x

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