The Female Body Vs Social Media

People, especially teens and young adults, will do anything to get as many likes, comments or shares on their posts on social media. Whether they do this for the attention or the dopamine effect it has on your brain. For girls, especially if they are attractive, the easiest way to make that happen is to [...]

Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?

They are two main reasons why one decides to get plastic surgery. The first reason is because of an accident, a birth defect or an illness. The person has been disfigured in some way and they are hoping the plastic surgery will help with both their suffering and their embarrassment. However, I want to discuss [...]

Is Makeup False Advertising?

False advertising is when you show a product as being something it isn’t, so in terms of a woman wearing makeup could it be considered false advertisement? Technically, yes. If we were selling ourselves. To be considered as false advertising we have to be advertising something in the first place. Makeup is used to cover [...]