White Guys Get Away With Everything

A few months back there was a case where a rich white boy called Brock Turner. He sexually assaulted a 23-year-old woman whilst she was unconscious. He should have been sentenced for 14 years but instead got a lenient sentence of 6 months due to the fact he is an athlete and staying in prison for that amount of time would affect his progress. After 3 months he was released.

Something about white boys in chinos. They get away with everything.

The criminal recently wrote a statement discussing how the event had affected him. How traumatic it must have been to sexually assault a woman.

Instead of taking responsibility for his actions and showing remorse for his behaviour he blamed it on the “party culture”. He blamed it on alcohol and the risk-taking behaviour you have on a night out.

If every time someone got drunk they committed sexual assault alcohol would have been banned by now. Regardless of the alcohol, you would have committed the crime. Same with people who cheat on their partners. They could have done it sober but then they wouldn’t have an excuse to tell people.

“A steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action”. This lovely quote was said by the criminal’s father. He said this as he believed that 6-month sentence was too severe on his son. This comment alone makes me sick. It suggests that a woman’s main purpose in life is to be there for men’s needs. Whilst that may have been the case in the olden days when women were nothing more than owned property it is definitely not the case now.

And don’t lie, Brock, you didn’t last 20 minutes.

I think there should be a blanket rule for whenever someone commits a serious crime; if you’re a dickhead you get punished.

The only thing that causes rape is a rapist. No amount of alcohol, drugs or clothing can make that anyone else’s fault.

Gracie x

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3 thoughts on “White Guys Get Away With Everything

  1. Thanks for responding. Sorry I missed the joke but it didn’t come across as one due to the nature of the article. They may have malicious intent but that doesn’t mean they can’t reflect on what they’ve done and allow the victim to have a say. These instances tend to happen between people who know each other as in my case and I have no negative feelings towards them as we have both moved on. I understand that each case is different which is why a blanket rule would cause more harm than good.


  2. Sorry but I disagree that “white guys get away with anything” when you only give one example of an affluent and highly academic person so I don’t think it was purely on the basis that he’s male and white. Also, as someone who has experienced sexual assault,I don’t think there should be a blanket rule as each case is individual and should be treated as such. People make mistakes, allow them to learn from it.


    1. The title and the whole aspect of the blog was to be partially humorous. I understand guys of any race don’t get away with everything. As someone who has also experience sexual assault I still believe there should be a blanket rule. Legally 10 years should know the difference between right and wrong. These attackers tend to know exactly what they are doing. A mistake would be getting someone’s name wrong not having sex with someone who either doesn’t want it or is incapable of telling you otherwise.


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