Are Break Ups More Difficult Nowadays?

Dating in the age of social media is becoming more difficult. And so is breaking up.

Whilst social media platforms help you connect with people they don’t necessarily help you disconnect from people you never want to see again.

In the 90s, it was easier. You broke up and they disappeared from your life. Your ex was your ex and whilst you may have been curious about what happened to them there was no way to find out. They could have moved to Africa and you would have never known.

Wherever they were one thing was for certain. They weren’t in your life.

The way relationships work is that once you know the person you are dating is genuine and somewhat right for you, you introduce them to your friends. That happened whether you were dating in the 90s or today.

The only problem with today that would have never happened in the 90s is that your partner and your friends would have made these online friendships. They would have been added on Snapchat and Facebook and followed on Instagram and Twitter. Even after you have deleted them off everything possible you still have friends that are friends with them on various social media platforms and still feel it is necessary to constantly update you.

You only met them because of me just delete them already.

The whole point of moving on is to forget the other person even existed. It is going to be more difficult to move on if you’re always being told about their plans for the weekend.

Unfortunately, you never want to see their face and you’d rather your friends deleted them on various accounts just like you. However, from the friends’ perspective, they didn’t do anything wrong.

Another thought process that normally goes through one’s head after a breakup, is should I block them? Even after you unfriend or unfollow them you may find yourself constantly trying to search their name to see what they are up to.

Emotionally that is going do no help and so maybe as some form of discipline you should completely rip the plaster off and remove them from your life. Unless the relationship ended on good terms then maybe none of this unfriending business is necessary.

What do you think?

Grace Hemphill x

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