Is She Gay?

After being alive for 19 years I have noticed several things. Firstly, everything you enjoy in life either makes you drunk, fat or depressed and secondly working out if a girl is gay is quite difficult.

Homosexual men are generally quite easy to point out. They’ll talk in a slightly higher pitched voice and use a lot of hand gestures. They tend to have good fashion sense, great hair and are normally into independent and powerful female celebrities; such as Madonna or Beyoncé. They also tend to be drama queens, however, that might stem from their obsession with the influential female celebrities. Now I’m not suggesting all gay men are like this but the majority are.

Whilst stereotypes are mainly there to insult and mock other people they can sometimes be useful, in this case, we can normally tell if a man I straight or not by taking note of certain things.

Without boldly going up to a girl and going “Are you gay?” how can you tell if the girl is lesbian or bisexual.

There were a few things to look out for that could make it more obvious that the girl was gay. But nowadays everyone is cutting their hair short and wearing checked shirts. Short nails seem to be a reliable clue that she may be gay but even then that’s not reliable, she may just work in a phone shop.

If people could just wear a sign around their neck stating if they were straight, bisexual or lesbian that would make this whole flirting situation a whole lot easier.

Another thing that makes flirting with girls difficult is the fact that girls who are friends with other girls are already pretty close naturally. Girl friendships have very little boundaries on what can or can’t be done. A group of close girl mates will constantly tell each other how good looking they are and everything else. So, when a girl tries to give another girl a compliment she may just see it as being friendly rather than flirting.

For your information, if I call you cute it is because I’m trying to be gay. Homo definitely intended.

Moral of this blog post is that if you’re a bisexual or lesbian girl can you try to act more gay, please?

Gracie x

My Book: “Letters to my Past”


Twitter: @gracievhemphill

Instagram: @graciehemphill

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