Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?

They are two main reasons why one decides to get plastic surgery. The first reason is because of an accident, a birth defect or an illness. The person has been disfigured in some way and they are hoping the plastic surgery will help with both their suffering and their embarrassment.

However, I want to discuss the second reason people get plastic surgery.

The second reason people get plastic surgery is to become more attractive. To cover up insecurities that they no longer want to deal with.

Everyone has their own flaws and sometimes people can get too insecure about their flaws. People can get so insecure to the point they feel they need to get something done to improve on it.

Whilst plastic surgery has decreased in general in 2017 the most popular surgery in 2016 were boob jobs. This is mainly due to the fact that women are constantly told that small boobs are considered unattractive. I understand a lot of people believe bigger is better but that isn’t necessarily the case. Wouldn’t you prefer natural over fake anyway?

I get it. Not everyone is blessed with fantastic genetics and sometimes the flaws you have or think you have isn’t something that can be changed by yourself. For example, someone who is overweight and is self-conscious about their weight can change how they look themselves. Whilst losing weight is not an easy process, especially for some who may not be naturally slim, you don’t immediately have to go to plastic surgery to get the results you want. However, if you’re an adult female who has done her necessary growing and is still flat chested, there’s nothing you can do to change that.

Personally, I am somewhat against plastic surgery where it is unnecessary. You have to bear in mind there are always going to be risks involved and if you’re only going through the procedure to look “better”, is it worth it?

Maybe because I don’t see anything wrong with my own body I can’t understand the need for plastic surgery. As long as the person was doing the surgery for themselves and not someone else. But let’s be honest here we always tell ourselves we are doing it for us when subconsciously it is for someone else.

For example, when you get ready for the day is there someone from your work, college or university that you think about when picking out your outfit?

Maybe these people who are getting the plastic surgery done for themselves when subconsciously they are thinking about what other people think of them?

However, there are some people out there who no matter how much you love them they will continue to hate themselves and the way they look. It is one thing to be bullied at school because of your appearance but it is another thing to constantly see on social media or in magazines that you aren’t the definition of beauty in today’s society.

We live in a world where people are obsessed with being attractive. Is it your fault for not loving that person hard enough or were they always going to go for the plastic surgery anyway?

Gracie x

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