Let’s Talk About Tinder

Tinder, for those who live under a rock, is a dating app. The aim of the app is to go through various people’s profiles swiping right if you find them attractive and obviously left if not.

And if you’re lucky enough for someone to find you attractive and swipe right on you, then congratulations you can now talk. Which because your egos are too big it takes a while before anyone has the courage to message first.

Tinder is based on the fact that looks are the first thing you judge an individual on. If you’re unattractive don’t even bother with Tinder. Actually, if you’re unattractive you might fail at modern dating altogether. This generation has brought up to be shallow minded narcissists.

Not only do we believe we are the best, but we also believe we deserve the very best when it comes to dating partners.

Whether you are actually looking for someone to make out with or are just bored as hell, Tinder is the app for you.

One thing I noticed as a bisexual girl tinder is very much a sausage fest; for every girl you see you have to scroll through about 10 guys profiles.

Online dating and apps such as Tinder are great for those who work full-time and don’t actually have the time to physically go out and meet people or those who are socially inept and don’t want to physically go out and meet people.

Whilst it has slightly been decreased recently, online dating was seen as something you should be embarrassed by or ashamed of. Suddenly if a couple said they had met through dating online people just assumed that they weren’t going to work out. Whether you met someone online or in real life you have the same probability of the relationship not working out.

However, if your purpose is to find your soulmate I wouldn’t be using tinder as your form of online dating. The majority of people on there are young and are wanting to have some fun, not to settle down.

Gracie x

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