Stalker Alert!

For those who have Snapchat, you will have noticed the last update. This update means that if people have a certain setting on the app people can see their exact location at any given time.

Wherever you are, all the people on your Snapchat will be able to see.

It isn’t just “Ah I can see where you are in Surrey”, you can actually get the exact location down to what building a person is in when you zoom into the screen.

It can’t just be me that finds that a little creepy?

When I say I want to stay connected with the people in my life it means having a quick and easy means of contacting them, not knowing their location for every second of the day.

Most people are worried about their partners finding out they are cheating on them but don’t seem to realise this also creates more opportunities for stalkers, murderers, rapists etc. Less worryingly so it may create tension between friendships as well. Next time your group of mates doesn’t invite you to something you’ll know about it.

To be honest with you I don’t massively care about this new update. There are only ever really three locations in which I’d be at; work, home or the gym. I am aware I don’t lead the most exciting life.

The worse thing is there are younger children using the app, whether that be with or without their parents’ knowledge, and they are unlikely to understand the risk of sharing your location with absolutely everyone. While it may be fine if you only have your friends on your Snapchat there may be younger children who are adding whoever because again they don’t understand the risks involved.

It isn’t just Snapchat that has added this feature, apps such as Facebook, have also got on this hype. Personally, I don’t quite understand the need to know someone’s location. Do we all just live in a state of paranoia or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) where we constantly need to know where our friends, families or partners are at any given time of the day?

Is this generation really that insecure?

Gracie x

My Book: “Letters to my Past”


Twitter: @gracievhemphill

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