The Female Body Vs Social Media

People, especially teens and young adults, will do anything to get as many likes, comments or shares on their posts on social media. Whether they do this for the attention or the dopamine effect it has on your brain. For girls, especially if they are attractive, the easiest way to make that happen is to reveal as much of your skin as possible.

Whatever anyone wants to post on social media is nobody else’s business, as long as it isn’t full on nudity, people should be allowed to share whatever they feel comfortable sharing. One thing that does irritate me is when underage girls post provocative photos on Instagram or Facebook. Where are your parents? What exactly are you trying to achieve? Because all you are going to get is attention off guys too old for you.

I understand it. You’re young, possibly insecure and you want someone other than your family members to tell you “You’re beautiful”. However, it isn’t worth sharing your body with the entire internet.

Don’t get me wrong if you’re 16 or older and feel comfortable taking a picture of yourself in your underwear and putting it on social media, go ahead. Why are we judging girls for posting pictures of themselves in their underwear on social media when they would be caught wearing the same amount of clothing when they go to a swimming pool or the beach?

In today’s society, people constantly beg and ask for the female body but as soon as they see it the woman is normally considered a “whore” or a “slut”. Is this because she is comfortable and confident in how she looks naked? Are we going to judge and punish her for being happy in her own skin?

Considering the amount of shit women have to read on a daily, with “lose weight” here and “no one likes a fat girl” there if there are women in 2017 who love the way they look they should be praised. With everything you see in magazines and on social media, it is difficult waking up in the morning not hating yourself.

Gracie x

My Book: “Letters to my Past”


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