“It could be worse…”

You don’t have to be grateful just because it could be worse.

No matter what you are going through there will always be someone out there who has it worse than you. That doesn’t make your situation any less relevant. It also doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be unhappy just because you aren’t experiencing the worst situation ever. Whatever you are experiencing is just as valid as anyone else’s situation.

Same goes for trauma, some people assume that what happened to them doesn’t matter because it “could have been worse”. Whether it was physical, sexual or emotional abuse, whatever happened to you is as valid as what happened to the next person.  

Telling people to be grateful “as things could be worse” is making the assumption that mental illnesses such as depression are down to one’s circumstances when it is caused by incorrect levels of certain chemicals in the brain.

Even if someone isn’t suffering from any mental illness and is just feeling down don’t force happiness onto them. It is extremely draining trying to be happy when you’re really not feeling it. People are allowed their down days.

Now, obviously if a loved one hasn’t left their bed in days then go help them out but if they are just feeling a little down in the dumps and they want their space, then give it to them.

More importantly what exactly qualifies someone to feel sad? You keep saying things could be worse but how worse do things need to be before someone is allowed to feel sad? It’s stupid really. Being sad and feeling down isn’t a competition. Whether something is happening in your life or you’re just feeling down, it is allowed no matter how much worse it could be.

That’s another thing. People can feel down or sad and not have a reason. They might just be having “one of those days” or genuinely can’t figure out why they feel the way they are. Don’t continue to pester them they don’t need an explanation for their feelings.

Regardless of how far worse your life could be, remember your feelings are always valid.

Gracie x

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