Body Positivity Vs Body Honesty

As a society, we go around telling people that they should be happy and confident with their body shape no matter what. We have to go around telling fat and overweight people that they are beautiful and should be accepted for all their flaws.

And I think it is great and all that people can feel more comfortable in their skin. However, it would be the same if you went up to someone who had a bunch of scars down their arms and you told them that they are accepted and should feel comfortable self-harming.

Whilst it may not be physically noticeable at first being overweight or obese can cause a bunch of illnesses, including diabetes or heart disease. This means every time you tell a fat person it is okay to be fat, you are also telling them it is okay to die.

Not only do fat people lead a shorter life and they are seen as less attractive. So, anyone who is overweight, please tell me the benefits of you staying that way?

Whilst I’m talking about the overweight side of the scale I’m sure if someone was extremely skinny or anorexic, people would be worried about their health as well.

Bullying someone to lose weight is never an effective solution, however, I believe we should stop this fat acceptance movement as people will sit in their unhealthy bodies until it is too late. Yes, you can be skinny and unhealthy but you can never be fat and healthy so stop with the bullshit.

You don’t have to go on some fancy diet or do extreme amounts of exercise to lose weight. The main contributor to being overweight is normally portion sizes. It is most likely the case that the person is overeating and consuming more calories than they should be. You could technically eat MacDonald’s every day and as long as you ate within your calorie allowance, you wouldn’t gain any weight.

I understand that not everyone is blessed with the perfect genetics or the most amazing body. And I also understand that some people find it more difficult to maintain a good weight. But we need to stop with this body acceptance bullshit.

Being overweight and obese is unhealthy. Simple as.

Gracie x


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