We have been taught for centuries that the way life goes is that you meet someone, you get married and you have children. And even if the marriage doesn’t work out, you’re meant to remarry. We are meant to find a partner to grow old with to avoid loneliness.

But what if some people aren’t built to spend the rest of their lives with other people?

There are some people who constantly need people to rely on and depend on. These people probably wouldn’t survive by themselves and need someone else there even if it is just for the company.

But if you can survive well on your own why bother trying to find anyone else?

Whilst the physical side of a relationship is great you may find that you aren’t one for being in a long-term relationship. Some signs you might be better off alone are that:

·       Maybe you don’t like being tied down; you like the freedom and opportunities you get given with being single and would rather not have to think of another person whenever you have to make a decision.

·       Maybe you are waiting for the perfect relationship with the perfect person. When it comes to disagreements, instead of working out a solution you would rather walk away.  You try to prevent conflicts from happening and never particularly get too close or put yourself in a vulnerable position.

·       You see being single as a positive highlight rather than a failure. If you don’t see anything wrong with being single and are then unlikely to try and change your relationships status.

·       You’re independent and whilst you can’t necessarily deal with all your problems by yourself you like to. You tend to be more decisive and more self-sufficient.

·       You’re good at saving but your partner isn’t. You don’t want all your hard work to go to waste because someone has to constantly borrow off you. Whilst you can keep your finances separate at one point your wages will cross paths. Maybe one of you earns more than the other and it puts pressure on the relationship.

·       Whilst perfection doesn’t exist you are constantly looking for it in your next partner. You’re looking for something that you won’t find and therefore no one will be able to make you happy because of your high expectations.

These are some of the few points on why some of us are built to be alone. Being alone isn’t actually as negative as some people make it seem. 

Gracie x 

My Book: “Letters to my Past”

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