Stop Calling Us Crazy

The majority of the time when a guy has gone through a recent break up you’ll hear him describe his ex as “Crazy” or a “Psycho bitch”. Was she really crazy though? Did she try to kill you in your sleep? She did she have multiple personalities and you never knew what you were coming home to? She did go around torturing and killing animals? If not then you have no right to call her crazy.
Stop blaming the women you date for your inability to have a functioning relationship.
Whatever the reason is for ending a relationship there is never one perfect person who is never at fault. The same as there is never one person to blame solely for the ending.
Don’t go around telling all your mates that the reason that you broke up was due to the fact your ex was mental. Stop trying to come across like the victim whilst purposely hiding whatever it was you did.
Guys have this idea of a perfect woman that they would like to date; any female who doesn’t follow this image is labelled as crazy. Guys like the idea of the “Cool Chick”. The “Cool Chick” is a girl who is funny, smart and unbelievably good looking. But she’s also up for whatever. Do you want a threesome with her best friend? Sure thing. And she’ll give you blowjobs without you having to even ask. She’s not a girly girl and gets on quite well with your other mates because she is “one of the lads”. She allows you to go out drinking all the time without getting paranoid or clingy. She’ll forgive you instantly if you cheat on her but don’t worry she’s too loyal to cheat on you. She is there to support you when you’ve had a stressful day but understands you don’t really care about her petty work problems so doesn’t bother you with them. Oh, and she doesn’t want children. Fuck all that commitment, am I right?
Does this “Cool Chick” exist? Probably. Would you be able to have a long-term relationship with her? Course not. This girl doesn’t care about you or any of the other guys she is most likely dating. She’s not getting paranoid because she doesn’t care if she loses you to another girl or not. She is fun to be with because that’s all she is looking for. If you’re wanting a long-term relationship you will have to deal with the feelings that come along with that such as being clingy.
9 times out of 10 when a guy describes his ex as crazy she’s probably not. However, I’m not saying there are no crazy bitches out there. But I think they would probably prefer the term mentally unstable.
“Crazy” has been used so much in situations like these that it has almost lost its meaning. A bit like swearing; as a kid swear words had such an impact on me but now I use the word c*nt on a daily basis as if I were inhaling oxygen. Being called crazy is never something that gets brushed off easily. You start to question everything; am I actually a sociopath? No, your ex was just an arsehole.
That’s another thing, if guys can call all girls crazy can we call all guys arseholes?
Grace Hemphill x

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