The Real Reasons For Rape

A tweet has recently appeared on my Twitter and it upset me to the point of feeling ill. Now I’m partially hoping the person in question was trolling or doing it for the followers, because if not this girl clearly doesn’t know how the world works.

What makes it worse is that as soon as you click onto this girl’s profile she has pinned that tweet, which basically means it is the first thing you see on her page regardless of chronological order. It’s almost as if she believes she is giving people advice, which once you read the tweet you will realise she’s not.

I’m not going to mention the girl’s Twitter name or anything like that as I don’t want to give her any more attention than she already got, but her tweet said:

“I’ve never been raped. Know why? Because I don’t dress like a prostitute or act overly sexual like most young women. Take some responsibility!”

Firstly, considering she has never been raped or sexually abused in any way she doesn’t know enough on the topic herself to be able to comment on why people get raped or sexually abused. Nine times out of ten it is for power, the one doing the action wants to take control of the victim. Doesn’t matter what they are wearing if the person is prone to committing these kinds of acts they will continue regardless.

The only thing you can blame rape on is the rapist themselves. Men get raped as well but do they walk around in revealing dresses or skirts? No. Therefore, it isn’t the outfit, it is the person committing the acts.

One of the main things that cause people to rape or sexual abuse is if the person themselves has experienced abuse in the past. If they have gone through a time where they felt powerless or vulnerable they want to be able to have control of everything in their life now.

I’m not suggesting that all rapists and abusers have been through abuse themselves because every situation is different. And I’m also not suggesting that those rapists or abusers who have been abused themselves deserve sympathy. Because they don’t. If they have been through it all themselves and know how much hurt and pain it causes a person but still decide to do it to someone else then they don’t deserve sympathy.

And whilst I feel like I talk too much about the topic maybe it still isn’t being talked about enough if there are people who are still making stupid comments like the one above. Telling rape victims how to dress is almost as bad as telling depressed people to “be happy”.

Gracie x

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