Should We Lower The Voting Age To 16?

Should We Lower The Voting Age To 16?

Politics revolves around changing things for the better. It revolves around having a say to make the future a better place for the public. So, should 16 and 17-year olds be able to vote for their future?

Let’s be honest, I’m barely interested in politics at 19, are there really 16-year olds out there that actually care about it?

There are already just under half of those who are 18-24 years old that aren’t voting. If we do allow 16 years old to vote there will probably be at least half who won’t vote anyway.

Part of the reason the government doesn’t allow 16-year-olds to vote is due to the fact they believe they are immature. And in my time I have met 18-year-olds who are just as immature, so what’s the difference?

However, the age of responsibility with most things tends to be 18. For example, being able to buy alcohol, cigarettes or get a tattoo you have to be 18.

A lot of you will at this point be saying 16-year-olds can join the army and get married, so why can’t they vote? But you forget to mention that 16-year-olds can only do those things with the permission from their parental guidance. Therefore that suggests that 16-year-olds can’t make important decisions. Marriage is a long-term commitment and so is politics. If the candidate you vote for wins you can’t get cold feet and say “I changed my mind”.

Teenagers, in general, are indecisive. Nowadays, they follow trends where after 5 minutes something becomes irrelevant and gets forgotten about. They are also very easily influenced so if everyone they know is voting for a certain person, they will most likely follow.  

I personally don’t think we should lower the voting age to 16. I struggle to know who to vote for now let alone if I was 16. But if someone can give me an argument to change my mind I’m open to hearing it.

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