Girls Can Rape Girls

For those of you who weren’t aware one of the news stories this week is that famous singer Melanie Martinez has been accused of raping famous female musician Timothy Heller.  She is being accused of sexually assaulting her former best friend with a sex toy at a sleepover.

Melanie took to Twitter after being accused and said she wouldn’t “be intimate with anyone without their full consent”. She then continued to thank her fans for researching and finding that the claims made by Timothy were fake.

Timothy stated that whilst it was difficult to come out with her story it was definitely what needed to be done after being inspired by the #metoo movement.

The #metoo movement is where victims all over the world decide to speak out about their experiences with sexual abuse, assault or rape over social media. The movement also got people who weren’t necessarily victims themselves speaking out. And of course there are still many victims out there that didn’t have the courage to speak out but this movement still showed that sexual abuse or rape isn’t a small problem.

A lot of Melanie’s fans were suggesting it was fake due to the fact she was female.  We sit here demanding to have equal rights and then every so often when something comes up we pull out the we-have-tits card. Women can rape as well. I understand sexual assault or rape is more of a power play and therefore men are more likely to commit these kind of crimes but doesn’t mean women can’t.

Another comment that arose from all of this was “She doesn’t look like a rapist”. As if rapists walk around with a tattoo on their forehead saying “rapist”. There is no typical look that can help you distinguish a rapist from anyone else, otherwise, there would probably be fewer cases of sexual assault and rape. It is the same with anything, just because someone doesn’t look like the stereotypical version of what you are thinking of doesn’t mean they can’t be. Another example would be telling a lesbian that they looked too attractive to be gay because the stereotypical lesbian is butt ugly.

Also, the fact that the accused and the victim are best friends doesn’t make a difference. In actual fact, you are more likely going to be assaulted by someone you know than just a random stranger off the street. 

The moral of this story, whether or not it is fake, is that girls can rape girls and best friends can rape best friends.

Gracie x

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