We All Want The Same Thing.

As human beings, we all want the same things; to find someone who will love and respect us for life. To be cared for. To feel happy and safe every day. So in knowing that we all want the same thing why are there people out there still playing the stupid pathetic mind games? The I can’t-text-her-in-3-days-because-I’ll-look-needy kind of games.

My motto has always been if I want something I’m not going to waste my time not doing something about it. At the end of the day, the worse to ever happen would be rejection and wouldn’t you rather know that then waste your time on some ridiculous plan that will eventually fail?

And in no way am I suggesting I am some kind of expert or love doctor, just see me as your slightly too honest grandma that will say it how it is without caring about the consequences. And there will obviously be some exceptions to what I post as I am unfortunately not every person on this planet.

Women are always seen as unpredictable and complicated; when in reality we aren’t. Like I mentioned before we all want the same thing. Therefore, you should be able to use this information wisely.

For starters, we don’t always need to be spoilt and bought gifts or dinners out. Sometimes all we need is for you to actively listen and support us with whatever is going on. By actively listen I don’t mean nod your head and say “that sucks” every so often, I mean actually listen and give your opinion. Even if the opinion is something she doesn’t want to hear, she would value your honesty. If you truly love someone you will be able to sit there and listen to what they have to say, no matter how pathetic her problem may seem. If it is hurting her, you will listen.

Think about it this way, we will appreciate it more if you do the really special treats less often.

The thing I have noticed in my 21 years of living is that the way men and women think is slightly different. Men are more physical and so feel appreciated when they are being needed. For example, you can’t open that jar of pickles* so you get your boyfriend to do it, they absolutely love shit like that.

Whereas women are more verbal, we like to talk a lot basically. That is why we love having hour-long chats in the car about god knows what. We live for that shit. Although this isn’t all the time because sometimes I just need you to shut the fuck up so I can binge watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

That’s why if you have ever been in an unfortunate circumstance of either cheating or being cheated on, the guy’s first response is to beat up whoever is responsible whereas, the girl just wants to get all the details out about how, where or why it happened.

Now, I hope I have given you enough information to get you thinking. I obviously wasn’t to give away all my knowledge first blog post but hopefully, we can make this some regular occurrence.

Grace Hemphill x

*Side note, pickles are disgusting and you shouldn’t even have a jar in your house, to begin with.

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