When Is It Okay To Hit A Woman?

I believe that the only time you should be allowed to hit anyone is in self-defence. So, regardless of gender if someone puts their hands on you, you should be able to fight back. Period.

However, the mentality nowadays is pretty backwards. We have all been raised on this idea that men are not allowed to hit women. That no matter the situation you are not allowed to lay your hands on a woman.

As a woman myself, I think this is utterly stupid.

When it comes to domestic violence we have all been taught this idea that the man is the perpetrator and the woman is the victim. Because of this outdated stereotype, there are women out there that take advantage of this stigma to hit and abuse men without consequence.

Even in places like California if police are visiting a house on a domestic dispute call, no matter the situation, the husband gets taken to the police station for questioning whilst the wife stays at home. Until anything is proven it is always assumed that the husband is the aggressor in the situation.

Unfortunately, not all women are innocent little girls who wouldn’t dream of harming a fly. There are some dangerous women out there as well as men and yet they are given completely different rules. I’m all for feminism and everything else, of course, I want to be made equal to men. But that means on every single level and I feel like there are topics people aren’t discussing, it isn’t all about getting the same pay as men.

In no way am I suggesting I go around beating men up all day but if I did I would want to know I am getting a fair fight. I hit you I don’t want you to be afraid to hit me back just because I’m a girl, especially if I started the fight and most likely deserved it.

I saw a clip on YouTube from a Dr Phil episode (basically American Jeremy Kyle) where the girlfriend was continuing to punch or be physically aggressive towards the guy and he got told that “if she starts to punch you just walk away…no matter what she does you can never ever put your hands on a woman” Which is mental on 2 counts, you are not giving him a chance to properly defend himself and you’re letting her get away with being abusive. If it was the other way round with a guy beating up a girl, you would all be screaming about getting proper justice and punishing the guy for what he had done.

I’ll give you a scenario; some crazy serial killer is running at you with a hammer and about to beat your brains in, but she’s female. Are you telling me you would let yourself die over hitting a woman?

Whatever the person has in their pants if they are bullying you, abusing you or attacking you, you have the right to fight back.

Grace Hemphill x

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