When Your Guy Has Mummy Issues.

When a girl has daddy issues the stereotype is that she will be into kinky things in the bedroom, but when a guy has mummy issues the stereotype is that he’ll answer the phone to his mum whilst you are half way through it.

Relationships we form as children with our parents make a difference when we later form intimate relationships with our partners. If your parents are loving, available and encouraging then you will find it easier to make successful relationships and friendships. If your parents are either distant or overbearing, you will struggle with future relationships.

If you’re straight, psychologists go into discussing that you try to find your parent of the opposite sex in your relationships. And so the relationship with said parent makes a difference on what girl or guy you fall for.

I wonder what is worse; to have a guy who has an overbearing mother or a distant one? Well, luckily enough I have been able to experience both, yay!

When the mother is overbearing and overprotective, where he is so is she. He might struggle with making decisions because she has always been there to do things for him. He will be so used to his mum doing everything for him he might not be great at simple tasks, such as cooking or doing his own washing. And because he is so used to having everything done for him you will be the lucky one to get to be his mother when you get your own place. He will always take his mum’s opinions over yours and sometimes you will feel like you’re arguing with her instead of him.

Men with overbearing mothers tend to look for women who are seen as “bitchy” or as harsh as their own mother due to the fact they lack the willpower to stand up to her.

Something else that comes with the territory of having an overbearing mother is he will never find you good enough. If your guy’s mom always told him that he was the best and deserved nothing less, he might have crazy high standards for partners. No matter what girl he is with he will never settle for less than perfection. Let’s not forget that no one is perfect, including this guy. But if you try to suggest ways he can change, he’s unlikely to be willing to hear your criticism. He may simply lash out in anger, instead.

Mother’s may be distant due to them working full time, choosing their social life over their son or by simply not being there. Men with distant mothers will be constantly scared that any woman they fall in love with will leave them because their own mother has never been there for them.

He will probably be insecure about your relationship and get overprotective when you are with other males that might threaten the relationship. He will be clingy and he won’t be able to trust you when you are spending time without him. He will constantly need reassuring that he is not good enough for you.

Unfortunately, mummy issues don’t just disappear. You might get fed up with him being immature, insecure, entitled and impossible to please. This can lead to resentment, but there are solutions.

If he is mature enough to admit that there is a problem you can get him to grow up and help you around the house and especially if the mother is overbearing make sure boundaries are set when it comes to your relationship.

Of course, this is me discussing what manifests when a guy has mummy issues but you could have your own set of issues, which in turn will create their own set of problems in a relationship.

If you are both willing to work together, even if one or both of you have mummy or daddy issues, you can still have a successful relationship.

Grace Hemphill x

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