Why I Get Annoyed By The Fat Positivity Movement

The body positivity movements started because it was promoting other body shapes besides the stick-thin figure everyone was obsessed with. They stopped promoting thigh gaps and starting promoting curvy women that people weren’t used to seeing in the media.

I’m happy everyone agrees that being stupidly skinny isn’t worth it but this is taking the piss.

Before everyone shouts at me; if you’re slightly chubby or chunky but still within a healthy BMI I don’t mean you. Not everyone is blessed with good genes and I don’t expect everyone to have their fat land in all the right places. However, if you are obese or morbidly obese and are getting upset because people won’t “accept you” and refuse to do anything to actually lose weight, you are the problem.

Being obese is unattractive. You are actively killing yourself. And spreading some kind of message to suggest that it’s okay to be that weight when it’s not. I understand being bullied for your weight is shitty. But going around celebrating your looks and your obesity is irresponsible.

I’ve seen obese YouTubers, such as Amberlynn Reid and Foodie Beauty, who continue to film Mukbangs. Mukbangs are when people film themselves eating a large amount of food, normally takeaway or junk food, and interact with the audience still. Sometimes it can be entertaining and I’ve even seen people do Q&As whilst eating. I’ve even seen YouTubers do ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) style videos with the food they are eating.

Mukbangs can be entertaining and I think they are quite a cool concept. What angers me and what gave me the idea of writing this blog is when these obese and morbidly obese YouTubers film these Mukbangs. The video I saw the other day was from Foodie Beauty, eating some burger and fries in her car. Not only did she look cramped and uncomfortable behind the wheel of the car anyway but as she was eating the burger she became out of breath.

If something is making you out of breath when it shouldn’t normally, that’s probably a sign that something needs to change.

To give you an idea both YouTubers I have mentioned weigh between 500 to 600 pounds. So like I mentioned before, it isn’t a little overweight it is bordering on suicidal.

They complain about being swollen or struggling to leave the house and all they have to do is change their diet. At their size, even small changes would make a lot of difference, like changing fizzy drinks to water. At this point it is laziness. Until they have a heart attack or some kind of other wakeup call they aren’t going to do anything as they see no risk.

A lot of the reasons behind how people get this big is because they emotionally eat. They feel upset or angry and go to binge eat and it makes them feel better. I completely understand the reasons as I also struggle with binge eating. However, the next day I normally feel so guilty with myself that it is ages until I next comfort eat. The moment I even notice an extra pound of weight on the scales I immediately watch what I’m eating until I’m back to my normal weight. So, personally, I couldn’t imagine putting on an extra 400 pounds before doing anything about it.

Tess Holiday is a plus-size model, who largely impacted the whole body positivity movement. A lot of models get complimented on their beauty whereas people like Tess get complimented on their bravery.

These role models are glorifying obesity.

On Tess’s Instagram page a lot of the comments are from supporters saying how “iconic” she is and anyone that comments how they truly feel about her weight gets their comment deleted or gets hate from her fans. All these comments are masked as acceptance as people are so afraid to offend anyone these days.

“We can’t be mean to fat people, it might hurt their feelings”

Tess struggles to walk on runways now. I think she’s aware of her size. At the end of the day I’m not the enemy just because you get offended.

I understand the whole basis of the body positivity movement is so people of all shapes and sizes can love their body. And I’m not suggesting you can’t love your body. I’m suggesting that to respect your body you should try to be more healthy.

You get uncomfortable when you see someone with self-harm marks all over their arms, yet feel fine looking at a morbidly obese person?

Gracie Victoria x




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