NOT All Genders Get Their Period

I actually can’t believe I am having to write this post but here we are.

Recently, the brand Always has changed their packaging on their tampons and sanitary towels to make their more inclusive for all the non-binary, trans community that also have to use their products. As a female myself I don’t particularly take notice of the packaging but apparently they changed the colours to more gender neutral and removed any “female” symbols.

Now, those who are non-binary are those who don’t identify as exclusively male or female. However, depending what they have in their pants they may still be able to get periods. And those who are transsexual males so going from female to male depending where they are in their transition may be able to get their periods also. But bear in mind trans people take up 0.1% of the population was it really worth Always making the change?

Those who are trans suffer from gender dysphoria, which means they don’t feel their biological sex matches their gender identity. Keeping this in mind I doubt those transitioning from female to male want to be reminded and discuss the fact they are still menstruating. It may be a triggering topic for them and a lot of trans people go through a difficult time mentally when going through the stages.  

Since this change there have been so many people who are part of the trans and non-binary community making political statements about how “all genders get their period”. Firstly, most females I know hate getting their period and would rather not have it. Why are you fighting for something that puts so many women in discomfort every month? It would be like us fighting to get random boners throughout the day, like no thanks. And secondly, if you don’t have the biological equipment, then no you can’t get your period. I get that people want to be included and all that jazz but learn what is worth fighting about.

Having your uterus ripped apart every month isn’t it.

I saw an article saying they were going to start teaching kids in school that “boys get periods too”. Way to confuse the kids. Like I said before you can only have a period if you are biologically capable of doing so.

Did you know that 40% of the homeless community are LGBTQ? That means that in 2019 there are still parents kicking their kids out of the house because they come out to them as anything other than straight. This more important fighting over than fucking bleeding into your pants.

Gracie Victoria Hemphill x

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