Are Break Ups More Difficult Nowadays?

Dating in the age of social media is becoming more difficult. And so is breaking up. Whilst social media platforms help you connect with people they don’t necessarily help you disconnect from people you never want to see again. In the 90s, it was easier. You broke up and they disappeared from your life.  Your [...]

Exes: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them.

I’m sure we’ve all had it. A bad relationship. We have to experience a terrible one to truly appreciate the good one. A bit like most things; you have to be given a badly made cup of tea to know what a good cup tastes like. The relationship or relationships you had that ended, you [...]

Why We Don’t Date Anymore

When people say the word dating I think of; candlelit dinners in fancy restaurants or a romantic comedy in the cinema or even going bowling. I’d class those three events as possible date locations. Whatever it is the couple plan on doing as their date, I always believe a date involves you leaving your house. [...]

The Friend Zone Doesn’t Exist

For those who don’t know, the Friend Zone is where someone gets rejected as a romantic partner but the two people involved are still happily friends. However, the one who gets rejected continuously tries to get into the other persons’ pants. Or they continuously moan to their mates about being stuck in the “Friend Zone”. [...]

Valentine’s Day is Pretty Pointless.

When you’re younger you are taught that Valentine’s Day is this special day set aside for you and your other half to spend time together, spoiling one another. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised if the relationship is real enough you shouldn’t even need to celebrate Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day, back when I [...]