Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?

Why Do People Get Plastic Surgery?

They are two main reasons why one decides to get plastic surgery. The first reason is because of an accident, a birth defect or an illness. The person has been disfigured in some way and they are hoping the plastic surgery will help with both their suffering and their embarrassment.

However, I want to discuss the second reason people get plastic surgery.

The second reason people get plastic surgery is to become more attractive. To cover up insecurities that they no longer want to deal with.

Everyone has their own flaws and sometimes people can get too insecure about their flaws. People can get so insecure to the point they feel they need to get something done to improve on it.

Whilst plastic surgery has decreased in general in 2017 the most popular surgery in 2016 were boob jobs. This is mainly due to the fact that women are constantly told that small boobs are considered unattractive. I understand a lot of people believe bigger is better but that isn’t necessarily the case. Wouldn’t you prefer natural over fake anyway?

I get it. Not everyone is blessed with fantastic genetics and sometimes the flaws you have or think you have isn’t something that can be changed by yourself. For example, someone who is overweight and is self-conscious about their weight can change how they look themselves. Whilst losing weight is not an easy process, especially for some who may not be naturally slim, you don’t immediately have to go to plastic surgery to get the results you want. However, if you’re an adult female who has done her necessary growing and is still flat chested, there’s nothing you can do to change that.

Personally, I am somewhat against plastic surgery where it is unnecessary. You have to bear in mind there are always going to be risks involved and if you’re only going through the procedure to look “better”, is it worth it?

Maybe because I don’t see anything wrong with my own body I can’t understand the need for plastic surgery. As long as the person was doing the surgery for themselves and not someone else. But let’s be honest here we always tell ourselves we are doing it for us when subconsciously it is for someone else.

For example, when you get ready for the day is there someone from your work, college or university that you think about when picking out your outfit?

Maybe these people who are getting the plastic surgery done for themselves when subconsciously they are thinking about what other people think of them?

However, there are some people out there who no matter how much you love them they will continue to hate themselves and the way they look. It is one thing to be bullied at school because of your appearance but it is another thing to constantly see on social media or in magazines that you aren’t the definition of beauty in today’s society.

We live in a world where people are obsessed with being attractive. Is it your fault for not loving that person hard enough or were they always going to go for the plastic surgery anyway?

Gracie x

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Is Makeup False Advertising?

Is Makeup False Advertising?

False advertising is when you show a product as being something it isn’t, so in terms of a woman wearing makeup could it be considered false advertisement?

Technically, yes. If we were selling ourselves. To be considered as false advertising we have to be advertising something in the first place.

Makeup is used to cover up any flaws or imperfections on the face or is used to merely make the face seem pristine and flawless. Whether it be used to cover up acne and bags under the eyes or give yourself a photoshopped model look. Makeup makes us the best version of ourselves we want to be. A bit like alcohol.

Personally, I don’t bother with makeup unless it is on a special occasion or a night out. This isn’t because I believe I am walking perfection or anything like that. I mean I know I’m not unattractive but everyone looks better with makeup with that being its entire purpose in existing. I’m just too lazy to get up earlier to make sure I look better, I’d rather have the sleep than flawless skin. Also, like every other woman product, makeup is expensive.

Makeup does hide who we actually are. However, if you see a girl on a night out who has glittery eyelids, assume that isn’t how she naturally looks.

A lot of men assume we wear makeup for their benefit or to get their attention. After all, looks being the first thing that grabs people’s attention. However, have you ever thought about us spending all that time and effort on our face for our own benefit? I hardly ever wear makeup but when I do bother I do feel like walking perfection.

You constantly tell us you prefer us to be natural but yet you don’t like the sight of our faces when we do that, so what is it to be?

Gracie x

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White Guys Get Away With Everything

White Guys Get Away With Everything

A few months back there was a case where a rich white boy called Brock Turner. He sexually assaulted a 23-year-old women whilst she was unconscious. He should have been sentenced for 14 years but instead got a lenient sentence of 6 months due to the fact he is an athlete and staying in prison for that amount of time would affect his progress. After 3 months he was released.

Something about white boys in chinos. They get away with everything.

The criminal recently wrote a statement discussing how the event had affected him. How traumatic it must have been to sexually assault a woman.

Instead of taking responsibility for his actions and showing remorse for his behaviour he blamed it on the “party culture”. He blamed it on alcohol and the risk-taking behaviour you have on a night out.

If every time someone got drunk they committed sexual assault alcohol would have been banned by now. Regardless of the alcohol, you would have committed the crime. Same with people who cheat on their partners. They could have done it sober but then they wouldn’t have an excuse to tell people.

“A steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action”. This lovely quote was said by the criminal’s father. He said this as he believed that 6-month sentence was too severe on his son. This comment alone makes me sick. It suggests that a woman’s main purpose in life is to be there for men’s needs. Whilst that may have been the case in the olden days when women were nothing more than owned property it is definitely not the case now.

And don’t lie, Brock, you didn’t last 20 minutes.

I think there should be a blanket rule for whenever someone commits a serious crime; if you’re a dickhead you get punished.

The only thing that causes rape is a rapist. No amount of alcohol, drugs or clothing can make that anyone else’s fault.

Gracie x

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What Has Theresa May Said This Time?

What Has Theresa May Said This Time?

It turns out I’ve been wrong all this time, I thought it was 2017 but actually turns out it’s 1972. Theresa May reminded me of my error when stating on The One Show that there are “boy and girl jobs” around the house.

It’s really reassuring to know that when nearly every average human is trying to fight sexism every day your own Prime Minister seems to want to live how it was 50 years ago. A lot of women already struggle as it is to get their male partner to help out with some of the chores.

I would like to point out that Theresa should step down as PM for she is currently doing a “boy job”.

I mean can I ask one thing; if there are certain jobs for males and certain jobs for females what do lesbian and gay couples do? Do a list of chores just not get done because they aren’t the right sex?

Apparently, women can’t touch bins because they are too dirty for our pristine hands but are expected to touch men’s dicks.

One of the main household chores that have always been seen as a “girl job” is cooking. However, I hate cooking and I’m not the best at it. My boyfriend has the skills and the passion for cooking so the majority of the time he cooks. I’m not going to take the pleasure away from him by cooking just because I’m a woman.

Next time my mum asked me to do something I’ll just say I can’t because it’s a “boy job”.

The main problem isn’t necessarily whether certain jobs are better done by certain genders. It is more the fact that even though we no longer live in the 50s, 90% of the household chores are being done by the woman.

Before a woman’s main purpose in life was to be a stay at home mum, a housewife and her focus was purely on her children and the house. Now, more women have careers and full-time jobs but somehow are still expected to be a housewife. At the end of a 9-hour shift, I’m sure women would much appreciate sharing the chores with their partner rather than doing them all themselves.

Whilst Theresa May’s comment on there being gender specific jobs was wrong at least she is getting her husband to do something around the house.

Gracie x

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Career or Children?

Career or Children?

Most people in their 20s start to plan out their life. Working out when the right time to have children? Or working out what career path to take? And then you must work out what you want to achieve first; a family or a career? For a lot of people beforehand they could have both children and a career.

However, the economy is fucked.

People in their 20s and 30s can’t settle down with anyone because they can’t even move out of their parents’ house. You can’t really plan on having a family in the same place you used masturbate vigorously during those nights as a lonely teen.

As suggested by the lower birth rates a lot of people decide to spend their time and effort focusing on their career rather than having a family.

The prices of houses have continued to rise however, the wages have not. A lot of young adults see owning a house as a goal they would hope to achieve than something they can see happening in the foreseeable future. I should be happy with the amount of money I have been able to save but I’m not, as it is nothing compared to the deposit I shall need to buy a place of my own.

For those who decide to move out into rental accommodation until they have the money to finally own a place of their own, they will become unstuck. I understand there are certain circumstances that mean you have to move out and rent. For example, if you have to be closer to a university, if you are getting kicked out or if you can’t hold back the urge to kill your parents anymore. But if you are just moving out for the sake of moving out instead of saving you shall be spending all your wages on rent.

Not only will you not be in a financially stable position to have children you may be stuck renting a flat or apartment and physically won’t be able to cater for them either.

Before any of you middle to old aged people pipe up, I’m not just moaning for the sake of moaning. This is a serious national problem and it doesn’t matter if we look at moving to Scotland or fucking London we are all struggling.

Whilst I don’t want any children I am scared of the fact I am possibly going into one of the lowest paying jobs ever. Fucking writing. While it may depend on what route I go into it is still pretty low pay compared to other careers. However, I am passionate about writing and therefore the money doesn’t bother me too much. As long as I can move out of my parents’ house before it gets embarrassing, it should be all good.

A lot of young adults who want children are scared that that isn’t an option anymore. You want to be able to give your child the world, not bring them up in a state of constant instability. For many of us, we also have this biological clock ticking in our ears, constantly reminding us that we don’t have all the time in the world to waste.

What makes the least amount of sense is that all the high paying jobs are in the big cities. However, to own a property in one of the big cities is a joke. So a lot of people taking advantage of the better jobs are already financially privileged? Seems a little unfair.

We are constantly being treated like we are whiny bitches that haven’t grown out of our adolescence yet. But in reality, a lot of us crave to be an adult and to gain that independence.

Oh, but don’t worry about me, I’m just a spoilt millennial who is used to always been giving everything I want.

Gracie x

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So Judge, What Makes Me Vulnerable?

So Judge, What Makes Me Vulnerable?

For those of you who haven’t heard, yet another aggressive man gets away with domestic violence towards his wife because of bullshit reasons. Mustafa Bashir beat his wife, Fakhara Karim, with a bat during a jealous outburst and on a second occasion poured bleach down her throat. But none of that matters apparently because he got away with it. Judge Mansell believed that he wouldn’t be given jail time because she was not vulnerable.

What makes things so much worse is the reason he gives for the wife not being vulnerable. Apparently, being intelligent and having a network of friends makes someone not vulnerable.

I thought this was obvious but I shall point it out anyway, biologically men are built different to women and do tend to be a lot stronger physically. Now, this isn’t me being sexist. This is fact, men are stronger physically than women. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how smart or popular a woman is, if a man is pouring bleach down her throat there isn’t a lot she can do. Even if you were as smart as fucking Einstein, you’re still pretty much screwed.

And people wonder why there are so many domestic violence stories that never get told about. The victims are probably scared of being told that it was their fault. Every time someone gets away with crimes involving sexual or physical abuse to another person for stupid reasons, people are less likely to confide in anyone when it happens to them. Next thing you know the judge says that her clothing was giving the impression she was asking for bleach to be poured down her throat.

This case is giving out quite a dangerous message. First, it is suggesting that if someone is intelligent and has friends, they can’t ever be sexually or physically abused. Whether or not a person has friends or intelligence doesn’t make a difference. If someone is put in a situation where they can’t escape and there is a possibility of being harmed, either physically or emotionally, then that person is vulnerable. This case will also make it hard for victims in the future as they will feel that the authorities won’t believe them.

There are still some myths about domestic violence that people believe. It isn’t a certain gender or race that is targeted; it can happen to anyone. It also doesn’t matter what social class or how much money a family has, again it can happen to anyone. I promise you this, if something like this has happened to you it isn’t your fault. It doesn’t matter whether you have friends, are smart or are wearing bright pink hot pants; it is never your fault.


Are We More Self-Obsessed Than Previous Generations?

Are We More Self-Obsessed Than Previous Generations?

Recently, it has been going round social media that millennials, those who are born between the 1980s to early 2000s, are a lot more self-obsessed and narcissistic than previous generations.

We have become obsessed with our gadgets and our appearances and suddenly those likes on our selfies are made into a big deal. We were constantly told that we were “special” and that it wasn’t about winning but about taking part.

Narcissism is a personality type that is characterised as selfishness, an overblown view of one’s talents or looks and a craving for attention. Studies have shown that millennials have a higher self-esteem compared to previous generations. I’m assuming that this is due to posting up a selfie, getting a lot of likes, which in turn makes one feel better about themselves. Unfortunately I must be an exception as I still hate myself as much as anyone else.

Social media has created a lot of teenagers and young adults to believe that likes or comments equals how beautiful one is or how beautiful one is perceived as.

Assuming that we are more narcissistic than previous generations, it may be a defence mechanism. Nowadays, we have more of a struggle when it comes to getting into colleges, universities or jobs and receiving less privacy when it comes to the Internet. Maybe having an inflated sense of ourselves makes it easy to face said challenges.

The problem with the way we have been brought up is that we now see everyone as objects. The first thing you take in when you meet a person is whether they are considered attractive or not. And because of this we take what we need from that person and then leave, whether that be for companionship or sex. I find it quite difficult to fully trust people my own age because even if they want me as a friend now, once they find an upgraded version of me they’ll leave.

Fortunately for us, it’s not our fault.

Parents have been teaching their children that they are terrific and that they can succeed in absolutely everything. At the start of the 1980s parents and teachers were taught to build up the child’s self-esteem by frequent praise. This caused parents to constantly tell their children how smart or beautiful they were.

And maybe to some extent me believed them.

Grace x