Writer’s Block Is A Bitch

Writer’s Block Is A Bitch

I have been writing on my blog for nearly a year now. Over that time I have changed certain things I do; how often I write, what I write about, where I get my inspiration from. Etc. For example, when I first started I wanted to write every day and I did for a while. But I realised I wasn’t writing anything worth reading and I’d feel guilty every time I missed a day.

Now, I try to post at least three times a week; on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening. Most of the time I create three posts which I’m happy and I rarely struggle when it comes to content.

However, and I think I can say this on behalf of all creative people, there are days where it doesn’t matter what you do you don’t know what to create.

I can sit at my desk, hyped up on caffeine and be ready to write. Be motivated to get the majority of the work already done in that one evening. But your mind is empty; you either can’t think of anything to write or the topics you do think of aren’t worth filling up a page with.

And suddenly I think “oh shit am I about to go and work in the wrong industry?”. Because if I am struggling to write for my little online blog 3 times a week surely I would struggle with a full-time job in writing.

I realise that isn’t the case. Every writer gets writer’s block, it is more how you decide to move on from it. Normally, a lot of what I write about is topics that make me angry. As bad as it sounds I find it a lot easier to write about my opinion and it is easier to work out what my opinion is when something irritates me.

So sometimes if I can’t think of content it is most likely because nothing has made me mad. Which is good for me but bad for my blog. If I get a writer’s block one of the first things I do is come up with other ways to create content.

For example, today I am not angry. I am not upset. I am not emotional about anything. This selection of words is my uninterrupted brain flow. I don’t normally do this, just sit and write and see what my brain creates. I am normally organised and plan what I want to write.

Sometimes I get so annoyed at myself for not producing content that I have to walk away; whether that be a day, a few days or a week. I hate doing it but it is always the best thing for me.

Who knows maybe by the time this gets posted my writer’s block will have gone. And I don’t know why I am telling you any of this. As a blogger, I am allowed a life outside my online persona and sometimes that life can take over.

And this isn’t me saying sorry because I know I don’t have to be. This merely me allowing you to see inside my head. Well part of it anyway.

Gracie x

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Why We Don’t Date Anymore

Why We Don’t Date Anymore

When people say the word dating I think of; candlelit dinners in fancy restaurants or a romantic comedy in the cinema or even going bowling. I’d class those three events as possible date locations. Whatever it is the couple plan on doing as their date, I always believe a date involves you leaving your house.

The problem with the world we live in today, everything is so convenient. Whether it be a pizza from Domino’s or a book from Amazon, you can get it by just tapping your phone screen. And those candlelit dinners have turned into “Netflix and chilling” at someone’s house whilst ordering pizza.

Whilst some people would class that as a date, I wouldn’t. I always feel a date is something you do together with your partner that you can’t do by yourself, for example, bowling. However, watching Netflix half naked whilst eating pizza, I can do by myself.

To call this dating would insult previous generations’ version of dating. There was so much more precision and care put into dating beforehand. This was normally because there was so much more pressure to find Mr or Mrs Right, as divorce was highly frowned upon.

In all honesty, if someone’s idea of the first date was to invite me to their bedroom to watch Netflix, I would run. It shows that they only care about one thing if the first thought that goes through their mind is trying to get me into their bedroom.

This dating is so laid back, so teenagers and young adults will have the mindset that they are dating just to pass the time; for shits and giggles. When you should always think about whether there would be a future with the person you are dating. At the end of the day, we all have to settle down at some point.

Another thing that upsets me quite a bit is that teenagers are afraid of committing to a long-term relationship, yet they will commit to having sex with anyone who is up for it. I’d rather grow closer and more intimate with one person and have sex with them a bunch of times, than having sex with a bunch of different people. Sex isn’t a big deal and I’m not saying it’s the be all and end all. But I still wouldn’t want to have it with just anyone.

I did talk in a previous blog post about our generation being more narcissistic than previous generations. The problem is we are more egotistical and this is affecting our way of dating. Everyone seems to think they are the best causing them to wait till they find someone as perfect as them. We can all be arseholes sometimes.

I’ve even seen on social media before that people have agreed to go on a date with someone just for the free food and not the companionship. Yeah, it’s funny to laugh at, but if I was that guy I would be mad. You’ve wasted his time and money when he could have been on a date with someone who actually cared.

This change doesn’t bother me, as I know if I wanted a proper date all I would have to do is ask. It just upsets me that people are having sex with people they probably don’t even know. Besides discussing what to put on Netflix, they haven’t spoken two words.

Bring back the butterflies, cute dresses, and the candlelit dinners.


What is Lucid Dreaming?

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is where you are dreaming but know you are having a dream at the time. It’s any experience you are aware of during the REM stage of your sleep. People tend to want to begin to lucid dream as they want to experience things they would never be able to in real life e.g. fly through the sky or taste fire.

We’re not normally aware that we are dreaming but lucid dreaming is the only exception where you are conscious enough to become aware. Lucid dreamers will remember who they are and be able to act purposely in this vivid, possibly lifelike, world.

Within that world a person will try to manipulate their dreams. Lucid dreamers beginners try to attempt to control any actions in their dreams. They will also try to do things that aren’t possible in reality. Researchers have found that the brain waves of those lucid dreaming have a “hybrid state of consciousness”.

Everyone has dreams, even if we can’t remember them, therefore everyone should be able to lucid dream. Researchers have found that everyone will have at least one lucid dream in their life, even if it is by accident.

The first time doing lucid dreaming will always be the most difficult but over time it will get easier. There are several things you can do that will help with lucid dreaming. These include:

  • Keeping a dream journal. Just write a couple of sentences of your dreams every night, even just the ordinary ones.
  • Doing reality checks. All this involves is every few hours, no matter where you are, just ask yourself “Am I dreaming?”. To prove to yourself that you are not dreaming pinch yourself. Or try reading some text as in dreams you can’t read for more than a few seconds.
  • Staying focused. In order to be conscious in your dream world you have to be conscious in your real world. All this involves is really taking in what you feel, see, taste and hear in your every day life.
  • Telling yourself you’re about to dream all the things you will see when falling asleep. Say it out loud just minutes before you fall asleep.

There have said to be benefits of lucid dreaming, including, improvement of problem solving skills, improving memory and self-confidence and reducing the amount of nightmares experienced. Although lucid dreaming is normally harmless, people can lose a sense of reality and can even bring back any pre-existing mental illnesses.

Grace x