About Me

IMG-20170520-WA0009Hi there! I’m Grace and it seems you have stumbled across my blog. Whether you meant to or not you are here now so might as well enjoy yourself!

I hear you asking me what you gain from reading my blog? In all honesty, I don’t know. I write my opinions on every topic and you get to read them.

I am most likely a sociopath but I haven’t been tested yet. I am a blunt narcissist and I rarely care about anyone else besides myself. But hey, as long as I haven’t killed a man, what does it matter?!


I write anything from problems in relationships to what I think about certain political characters.

If you ever want to contact me for whatever reason my details are down below.

Also before you leave, keep an eye out in this space as I should have my own book of poetry coming out soon!

Facebook: facebook.com/graciehemphill98

Twitter: @gracievhemphill

Instagram: @graciehemphill

Email: gracehemphillx@gmail.com

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