I have enjoyed writing and creating pieces of poetry ever since I was a teen. I self-published my first collection of poetry (Letters to my Past) on Amazon. Click here to buy my book, all support is much appreciated! Below are reviews from those who have read my book.

My second book of poetry (Thoughts of a Depressed Human) has been recently published this year. Click here to get yourself a copy!

I just finished reading the book “Letters To My Past” by Grace Hemphill. I came upon this author by chance and after reading this book it is as if I know her now and have had a special glimpse into her life. Her words are very strong and they seem to come from personal struggles and how she has overcome them. I can see that anyone that picks this book up will have some sort of connection to it. At one point, I felt as if she were speaking for me and what I’ve been through. She has passion and power that comes out on every page. I am an avid reader and this is quite clearly the best book I have read in a long time. I am looking forward to more work from her. 5 stars, and one of the best books you will read. 


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