Letters To My Past is my first poetry collection and was published in the Summer of 2017. It is full of poetry that I had written when I was 16-18 years old. I only started to get interested in writing poetry when I was studying English and Creative Writing at school. The theme of this book is first times; first relationships, first love, first heartbreak. Throughout the book, it also has black pages with a white font instead of the traditional white pages with the black font as I wanted it to stand out.

Thoughts Of A Depressed Human is my second collection of poetry which was published in 2020. It is definitely a more intense read and goes into a deeper look into my mental health struggles. I still write based on themes of love and loss but I also discuss my depression and anxiety. These poems were written when I was between 20-21 years old and I think if you have read my earlier collection you will be able to see growth in my writing. I think my favourite thing about this book is the front cover; it shows darkness without the whole thing being dark in colour.

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