Content Creation

I create content for your social media platform as well as scheduling the posts for the perfect time so you get the most engagement.

I optimise the work for each platform so that your business has an online presence.

I help you and your business build solid relationships with both new and existing customers.

I create a marketing message around what your business is about and what you have to offer and with YOUR choice of social media platforms!

Gaining Followers

I help clients gain followers on Instagram and Twitter in a legitimate way. A lot of business owners don’t have the time to clean up their following/followers and I am able to help. I stick to following those who are likely to buy your product/service so you can get those additional sales and unfollow those who aren’t following you back.

Website Design

I know how to operate WordPress and have basic skills in website design in terms of imagery and content writing. If you need help proofreading and editing what you have already produced for your website I would be happy to read it over. If you are starting up your website and need help and advice with how much or what you should be displaying on your website I can also help.

Ghost Writing/Editing

I can help with writing and editing for most genres, fiction and non-fiction

I do have my own style of writing, however, I am able to write to any tone or voice you are wanting to convey. We can work as a team to create the best piece of artwork.

Logo Design

I have created logos for a couple of clients and find it quite enjoyable. If you have an idea of what you want that is great however the logos below I did from scratch and each of the clients loved them. If you are wanting a basic logo for your business I will be able to help.

Photography/Video Work

I create less than a minute long clips showcasing your products and what services you have to offer. If you already have a video (s) that you need editing i can do that as well.

Check out the videos I have on my YouTube channel as well as my Instagram to give you an idea on what I could do for you.

I create custom packages for each of my clients depending what it is they are wanting me to do. Contact me so we can discuss your custom package