The Female Body Vs Social Media

People, especially teens and young adults, will do anything to get as many likes, comments or shares on their posts on social media. Whether they do this for the attention or the dopamine effect it has on your brain. For girls, especially if they are attractive, the easiest way to make that happen is to [...]

Are Break Ups More Difficult Nowadays?

Dating in the age of social media is becoming more difficult. And so is breaking up. Whilst social media platforms help you connect with people they don’t necessarily help you disconnect from people you never want to see again. In the 90s, it was easier. You broke up and they disappeared from your life.  Your [...]

Why Don’t We Congratulate Skinny People For Staying Skinny?

Recently, on social media I have seen a lot of before and after pictures of people who have lost weight to become a slimmer version of themselves. For those who have been able to achieve that, well done. I know staying motivated is hard work sometimes, although it does help to take pictures every so [...]

Stop Joking About Pregnancy on April Fools

It’s the first of April tomorrow, which means it is April Fools. For those who don’t know what April Fools is, it’s a day where people try to succeed in doing funny pranks on people. For example, sticking a bunch of sticky notes so that it covers someone’s car. Whilst it is a mild inconvenience [...]