As well as my poetry, I also enjoyed writing articles. I spent some time doing work experience for The Sun and actually got the opportunity to get some of my work published on their site. I have also written articles for other sites. I’ll share the links below.

Freshers’ Week 2016: What is it, when is it and how do I survive?

Singer parties with a bevvy of beauties at pool party at Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza

After Proxima b second Earth discovery, how many other Earth-like planets have been found?

David Bowie nominated for BBC Music British Artist Award

Vegetarians are protesting over what £5 note is made of

Can you really get good deals on Black Friday?

Proposed sugar tax is needed more than ever, says Cancer Research UK

Remembrance Day – What are we remembering again?

Pre-teen boy continuously raped his younger sister after getting obsessed with porn

Sexism at its finest: male birth control trial stopped due to side effects

Netflix star Millie Bobby Brown experiences her first kiss

Is there more to Anorexia than just being skinny?

Ofqual are cutting a list of “soft” A Level subjects

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