Content Creation

Making sure you have a content strategy organised is a great way to achieve the right social media engagement. These can be high-quality images, videos or SEO-optimised blog posts.

Audience Research

I will look into your business and brand and work out the audience you will be wanting to target. I will also look into why someone would buy your product/service and work out any objections and how to avoid them.

Competitor Analysis

Understanding who your competitors are and what they do well and poorly will help understand how you can succeed in the industry.

Visual Content Creation

Whether it is something for your social media platforms or an image for your website I will create visually pleasing content. Have you got your own photos and videos? I can transform them into engaging social media posts.

Written Content Marketing

The copy on your website should be concise and informative. I can help update your website so your brand message is easy to understand. I can also create blog posts including industry news articles to really let your customers know more about you.

 To start your social media package contact me.

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